So my “on again, off again” journey of making the raw milk wheels of cheese has finally revealed a way forward! – No, I’m not going to Disney World just yet – but it’s the first true direction I’ve felt in years of stumbling through this crazy maze of spinning wheels.

To be honest I’ve only ever just wanted one raw milk cheese – just ONE….., where I could say – “YES – let’s keep working on this. This is good, let’s build on this.” And this seemingly simple goal ( “just ONE cheese, Lord…Amen.”) has eluded me – until yesterday, when I broke into the first wheel (aged more than 2 months) and….. and BOOM!!!


And I never imagined this odyssey would wind its way through the Azores. The Azores? Really? (..another mouse that roared!) – There they make a cheese called “Sao Jorge” and another more wild one –  “Queijo Da Islha” (translation – “Island Cheese”.) whose technique this wheel is based on.

“Queijo Da Islha”

Try saying that fast three times!

No – once is a struggle – so lets translate that into “Bermujan” – how bout “ Jo Dalilah”?

“Jo Dalilah, Jo Dalilah, Jo Dalilah.” – that works!


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