Crucial Info

O.K. – so there’s not much here – but let me tell you whats planned for this page – rainbows and unicorns baby!
– no seriously – tons of good info – comparisons of cows milk vs goats
HOW TO MAKE files on how we make our cheeses (inquiring minds want to know).
nutritional stuff on all our products
all sorts of info useful to cheesemakers, goat herders and punters in general
– until then – peace.

OK So I’ve attached the first HOW WE MAKE file – HOW WE MAKE HAY JUDE
but I guess there is one point I should make – while the procedure is the same where ever you may be, you’ll probably have to adjust the timing between moves. This works for us based upon our humidity, our cheese room conditions, our milk, etc. -the time between moves is based on how the cheese dries out, other factors etc. – maybe you don’t use the same molds we do, or the same starter culture etc. – in other words brothers and sisters, feel free to play with it as required.


Here’s link to RED WHEY – beverage – lots of great info on whey and cherry


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