Other Products!

Other products – yeah well, no – not really. we did plan on a beverage drink using the whey (Whey Cool drinks) which never took flight.
And then there was the sherbet idea – we bought a Musso Pola gelato maker (fantastic machine) and made some AWESOME sherbet (2 qts. at a time) but ended up eating all the inventory – so its still a great idea but for someone else.

2018 will see us refocusing on just a few cheeses – the fresh (obviously) and the Hay Judes (ripened pyramids) and SHADOW (a waxed chevre number) and maybe ye old ITAL BUTTONS (fresh cheese in olive oil).

And and and – CIAO BELLA! A crazy good Italian type cheese (wheels of a soft ripened cheese good at 1 month better at 2).


One thought on “Other Products!

  1. Is your grab and go goat cheese available today (Saturday, August 10)? I went to Miles and they didn’t have any so we’re on the hunt!

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