Our Cheeses

Our main cheese is “fresh cheese” (a lot of people call it chevre, made with pasteurized milk BTW) its sort of a cream cheese consistency but with an amazing goat cheese flavour.We package it in 6 oz. tubs, and have three varieties – Plain (nuff said) and “Marley” (fresh herbs mon!) and “Full Hot” (hot peppas an Black Seal).

curd hanging

curd hanging

Our personal passion is “Hay Jude” (both the cheese and the woman!) – this is a surface ripened little gem – basically we take the same curd as the Fresh Cheese and drain it in molds – (for 2014 we are switching from the Marcellin molds to pyramid molds) they drain and air dry for a couple of days – innoculate with P. Candidum and then place in ripening fridge – more tipping, mixed in with some pleading, prodding, begging, cajouling, and threatening and in a week or so they develop into little white puff balls – and then another week and the mold starts to move into the body of the cheese – that’s the peak of ripening and the taste is heaven.
photo (11)


This is the first cousin to the Hay Jude – a surface ripened BLUE CHEESE pyramid – the inspiration for this cheese is the Westfield farm Classic Blue Log – the pinnacle of all the surface ripened blues – maybe we aint as good,  but its still a pretty spectacular cheese. And a surface ripened blue cheese is a pretty rare animal. The great p. Roqforti flavour penetrates the little pyramid from the outside in turning the body of this small cheese into a delectable white/clear paste.


KID CABRA (“the kid”)

workshop cheeses at 20 days

kid cabra

We continue to try to make a reasonable raw milk cheese (all of our other cheese are made with pasteurized milk) – this year we’ll try some different things with it – its frustrating not to have a small success that is roughly repeatable – but hey – if it was easy everyone would be doing it! (haha). So there’s

KID CABRA in black wax – this is similar in texture to the softie but with an agreeable little”kick” in the flavour.

Other raw Milk Cheeses – We also have some wheels that were made in the basket mold and even a COW’S MILK cheese.

This cheese is back by popular demand – we hand roll some fresh cheese into “buttons” – let them air dry a couple of days – then roll them in our own organic herbs and bottle them in olive oil and herb sprigs and pepper. What can you say? Its just a really nice cheese that basically lasts forever.
photo (36)
There’s a bunch of photos on our blog of the various stages of cheese making etc. if you are more curious.


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  1. Love it ! James …. How do I order? guess I’ll just have to look further into the Webpage ….> very nice; the kid cried …” buπ på på ”

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