Tuckers Farm is located on Hungry Bay Paget Bermuda and is home to our small herd (milking 12 in 2018) of dairy goats. Our goats are raised on grains, natural pasture and forage (mexican peppers etc.) and hay. Right now our herd stands at 12 milkers and 1 billy.

Our fresh cheese is made from a lactic curd. This is a slow coagulation curd that is formed by a bacteria starter culture – Flora Danica (love dat girl!). The curd is drained and salted – it’s milk on Wednesday and cheese on Friday (or is that Sunday and Tuesday?).

We also make ripened cheeses – “Hay Jude” (now I really love dat girl!)- we drain the curd in molds – its then salted, dried and coated in p. candidum mold (the other kind of molds). These cheeses are ripened for 2 weeks in a 55 F. 85%RH envirnoment after which they are wrapped and ready!

And we make some rennet curd cheeses – “Ciao Bella” – ( based on an Italian recipe – duh!). And “Fetzarella” (sorta tastes like a cross between feta and mozzarella) and “Bluetiful”, which is yup, a big blocka blue type of thing. And others.


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