Tuckers Farm is located on Hungry Bay Paget Bermuda and is home to our small herd (milking 6-7 in 2014) of dairy goats. Our goats are raised on grains, natural pasture and forage (mexican peppers etc.) and hay. Right now our herd stands at 6 milkers and 1 billy – “Spotswood” (brought him in from Goddard Farm, Kansas USA – he’s probably the finest stock we’ve had – and just an all round nice guy.)

Our cheeses are made from a lactic curd (generally). This is a slow coagulation curd that is formed by a bacteria starter culture – Flora Danica (love dat girl!). The curd is drained and salted – it’s milk on Wednesday and cheese on Friday.

We also make a ripened cheese – “Hay Jude” (now I really love dat girl!)- we drain the curd in molds – its then salted, dried and coated in p. candidum mold (the other kind of molds). These cheeses are ripened for 2 weeks in a 55 F. 85%RH enviroment after which they are wrapped and ready for prime time – hi ho!

Sometimes we make a rennet curd cheese – “The Kid” – ( he’s pressed, kicked around the room a few times, slammed up against the wall – you know, given a little “good cheese maker, “bad cheese maker” routine, followed by a few months of solitary) – but hey “The Kid” turns out to be a “good boy”.


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